Scout Trooper on 74-Z Speeder Bike

Material: paper
Scale: 1:12
Publishing house: Julius Perdana

Аuthor of model: Igor Torgovetski aka Snake
Date created: 2011
Awards: Bronze in "IPMS Israel competition 2011"

  • John Statue

    Hello, I am John Statue. I try to build the 74-Z speeder bike as a papercraft model of Paper-Replika. I build a lot of papercraft models. Mostely trucks with trailers. The most difficult papercraft model was the drumset of Canon. But even it was a difficult model, I let the hi-hat symbells work. (See also my Facebook John Statue, in the album “my papercraft models)

    Now about this speeder bike. First I absolutely dont know how they can build this model? It was the most tertible papercraft I have build. The underside was hardlye fit. And it was not posseble to make the insert slides at the flanks propperley. Becourse they not show it in the instruktion manual. The building instruktion of Paper-Replika is the worst. I’ve seen that at more papercrafts of Paper-Replika. They do not show how to fit the parts and in wich order you must assembly the parts or must fold them! And there is a very strange thing about the jet engines under the body. Why did Paper-replika made “two” jet engines under the body? Al the pictures or film a’ve seen of the assembled model (also at YouTube) have only “one” jet engine! Now I by the plastic assembly model of Bandai scale 1:12 inclusive the Space trooper doll. Also this Bandai assembly model have “one” jet engine.

    So can you tel me how you build this model, and have you the same experiance with the uncomplete instructions, and why the papercraft model have two jet engines intsted of the real one?

    Please reply me at

    Greatings from John Statue fom the Netherlands.