Queen Anne’s Revenge

Material: wood
Scale: 1:55
Manufacturer: Scratch build

Аuthor of model: Anatoly
Date created: 2012

  • Dominik Gettinger

    How much for this model

  • Jean-François Bouchard

    How much would you sell this amazing piece of art?

  • Dominik Manley

    can you send me blue prints for this ship so i can build one myself please

  • Two Shackles Bill

    All yer dee is go throo all the model ship builder’s cattle-dogs & pick oot a similar ship & alter it. All model ship builders dee this e.g If you want ter build my ship Columbia Redidiva which is at Disneyland yer buy a good kit of the HMS Bounty & change a few things.

  • Juan Alexander

    I made a “Diorama” with the black pearl

  • Walter Stefanuto

    Where canI buy the kit of Queen’s Anne Revenge to assembling? Thanks!