Material: paper
Scale: 1:32
Manufacturer: Scratch build

Аuthor of model: Mikhail A. Golovanov
Date created: 2010

  • http://www.focusembedded.com Eric Overton

    Excellent model. I build experimental aircraft (full size) and am now finishing off a Nieuport 12 and considering my next project. A WWII fighter would be a massive undertaking. But of them all, the YAK-1, precisely because it was designed for service under harsh conditions and because so much was wood or tube-and-fabric, is perhaps one of the easier ones to make — assuming recreating any warbird could ever be called easy. (And my experience with a Nieuport 12 says it isn’t.)

    That said, I’m quite impressed by what you’ve done here, precisely because there’s not a lot of information (at least not much here in the USA) available on the building of the original YAK-1′s.

    Thank you for your excellent effort here.

  • Luiz Carlos Moraes

    Great built!